Warranty card


  • The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the item.
  • In order to receive warranty service, the customer must present the warranty card.
  • In case of loss or damage of the warranty card, the item is not subject to warranty service.
  • If a manufacturing defect is found within 24 hours of purchase, the product is subject to replacement.
  • If a factory defect is found, the product is subject to repair if more than 24 hours have passed.
  • The user must present the warranty device with complete packaging, completeness and without mechanical damage.
  • In case of finding a defect, the user must submit the item together with the warranty card to the warranty service: Tbilisi Ksani St. #12.


    Warranty conditions do not apply to the item if


    • The warranty period has expired.
    • The item is damaged by the user's negligence
    • The rules of operation of the product are not followed.
    • The visual side of the product is damaged.
    • The product set is not presented in full.
    • The device was not used in accordance with its intended purpose.
    • The usage/installation rules are violated and do not comply with the operating conditions provided by the instructions.
    • The damage is caused by an electrical fault.
    • Installation or repair work is performed by another service center or a private person.
    • The item was damaged in transit by the customer.
    • The item was damaged during commercial use.
    • The warranty card and device serial numbers have been removed, altered, or do not match.
    • The device has damaged electrical parts.
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